Monday, August 28, 2006

Rules of the blog

As you all know I am going to attempt to continue the story in the lives of F-R-I-E-N-D-S characters :) The key word here is ATTEMPT. I have finally watched all 10 season's of the show, and I think I know how I'm going to continue the story lines. It will continue 2 years later (since well they've been off the air for 2 years now) so everyone is a little bit older and wiser, and the kids are older now.

I am also going to allow "Guest Stars" that will appear in an episode. The new episodes will be updated each week on Saturdays. It will be a weekly blog. So if you are interested in being a guest star let me know, and I will send you the application for the guest star. I want this to be a really nice blog, and maybe even turn it into an RPG (role playing game) since you can't find those online very easily as you once could.

If you are interested in this also let me know, I just may make it just that, an RPG. I think that would be cool if I could get all my buddies, who like the show and they can email me their weekly character episodes then that would so freaking awesome!! ALthough it may not work this way people may not want to do so. So if that is that case, I do know of one who wants to be a guest start (Rachel, you are SO AWESOME) and that's cool too, I can do this all on my own, I think!

List of Characters (I'm not for sure who I want to play if I do indeed turn this into a RPG, I will let everyone know once I figure it out, lol).

Monica Gellar - Bing
Chandler Bing
Rachel Green
Ross Gellar
Joey Tribioni (sp?)
Phoebe Buffe - Hanagan

Mike Hanagan (phoebe's husband, um duh!)
Emma (who will be 3 yrs)
Jack Gellar - Bing ( who will be 2 years)
Erica Gellar - Bing (who is also 2 years)
Ben Gellar - (ross's son from his ex wife, who is 12)
Susan (never did get her last name, but she is Carol's Lover)
Carol Gellar (I don't know her last name either, lol)
Richard (Monica's ex boyfriend)
Jack Gellar (monica and ross's dad)
Judy Gellar (monica and ross's mom)
Jill Green (Rachels Sister (the one that reese witherspoon played)
Amy Green (Rachels other sister (the one that Christina Applegate played)
Charlie (the dinosour professor that was once ross's girlfriend)
Mrs. Green (rachel's mom)
Dr. Green (rachel's dad)
Phoebe (?) (Phoebe's Biological Mother)
Frank Jr. (Phoebe's half brother)
Alice (Frank Jr's wife)
Chandler (frank and alice's daughter)
Frank Jr. Jr. (frank and alice's son)
Leslie (Frank and alices daughter)

And of course Janice (OH MY GAWD!!! Yeah that would be the one LOL).

And of course made up guest stars are always welcome. Just let me know what sounds good to everyone!!! Peace and i'm off to write the first episode on notebook paper just incase I get to do this all by myself. :)


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